"The Five Seasons" represents the five periods of human life.
The album is a mixture of emotions. Just close your eyes when you listen to it and the different atmospheres will take you to another world.
"The Five Seasons" mixes electric & acoustic guitar. It is rich and varied. The guitar techniques are used to bring up melodies to another level. Soft, fast and powerful, this album is hard to classify into a label of music style.

The titles included in “The Five Seasons”

1 The War   See Lyrics from ''The Burial of the Dead''
2 Farewell   See Lyrics from ''Farewell''
3 Lilya instrumental  
4 The Valleys of Ipacura   See Lyrics from ''The Valleys of Ipacura''
5 The Five Seasons instrumental  
6 Southern Tree Surgeons instrumental  
7 And Again   See Lyrics from ''And Again''
8 Vendeurs de mort   See Lyrics from ''Death Deals''
9 Life instrumental  
The free plug-in RealOne Player is needed to play The Five Seasons samples.   Download the free player at www.real.com


The album should be on sale in April 2005.

Technical description

All "The Five Seasons" scores have been written using a computer for all instruments except for all guitar parts. A Roland JV-2080 synthesizer module is used to play the Bass guitars, choral, violin, flute, orchestra parts, and a Roland TD-7 percussion sound module to play the drums and percussion, all controlled by Midi from the scores. In addition, I’m playing all electric guitar and acoustic guitar parts on a Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying-V and an electro acoustic Takamine classic EC132SCX.

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